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Common property contract pitfalls to avoid

Writing contracts is an integral part of home buying, You can write a contract which is well written as well as well presented for you. That is why you need a professional Realtor

So, let's understand what are the common pitfalls ?

  1. First and foremost a contract that is error free and complete in all respects makes your contract worthy for consideration.

  2. A contract which covers all important things for you and the other side. In terms of who will pay for what ?

  3. A contract should not use jargons or language that can add to confusion and can lead to conversations which can raise doubts in the minds of either parties or agents.

  4. Missing signatures or initials on any part of contract, can get your contract rejected.

  5. Contract is a legal documents and hence should be treated like one, contractual obligation and binding is on all parties when they sign their part.

  6. Lastly, never sign any paper that is not read and understood by you. Ask your realtor to help you understand whats and whys before you sign.

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